Libro della Principessa dello Spazio Bitorzolo




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"Il Potere dei Bitorzoli"

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"Lo sai che vuol dire re del ghiaccio?!"
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Libro della Principessa dello Spazio Bitorzolo viene scritto dalla Principessa dello Spazio Bitorzolo in Il Potere dei Bitorzoli. Il libro è intirolato "I wrote a book" ("Ho scritto un libro")

Nell'episodio PSB doveva scrivere un libro su come avesse fatto a far innamorare Finn di lei per la Principessa Tartaruga. Dopo un giorno passato con lui PSB si rende conto che "Finn ha i bitorzoli più belli. Ma in realtà i suoi bitorzoli sono dentro! è una vera leggenda". Nell'episodio di vede lapagina da lei scritta, che riporta:

...realized I was the greatest Adventure Secretary that had ever passed through the junky doors of Fin [sic] and Jake Adventuring Incorporated. I had left an Indel-ible mark for real. But that was nothing compared to my next realization. Are you ready for it. The realization. It's coming up in the next paragraph.
I never realized it was Finn who was hot all along. Finn ... was the one who was HOT. I know, right. Finn? I mean, Finn ... Finn! Finn? He was pretty nice to me. And he saved me from even hotter shadow guy version of himself. I don't know how it happened. Usually, I'm super observant about theses kinds of things. Like that one time Melissa's lump was all crooked when she came back from the bathroom. I observed that. I observed that all day and I didn't say anything. She must have been so embarrassed for herself. What-ever. 'Cause that's what you deserve when you PO LSP. Ha. Oh, she knows what she did ... No, I'm not going to tell you.
After all, a girl's got to have some mysteries.
Anyway, I'll talk to you later, book. To recap, Finn is the one who is hot. I'll see you in the next chapter. BUMPS."

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